Much Ado About Data

Recently, I have been thrilled about the idea of open data. It like a goldmine of endless wealth and possibilities. The crusaders of these movement have really done humanity a favor. I am a stronger believer that many of the answers we seek today are locked up and inaccessible for many curious minds out there to access, in bringing forth the wealth of knowledge trapped into bondage behind closed doors. For whatever the motive is for locking information, there’s still remain a potential benefits that can serve mankind and help our struggling society to make smart decision for any socio-economic development rotten away.

It gave me pleasure to discover that our Naija (Nigeria) has joined the train of open data awareness, though it seems the fever is yet to catch on but it is a good beginning provided that we have adequate planning towards effective and efficient data collection, management and storage. And I stumbled upon some open data currently made available by Edo state. I must commend the people behind the Edo state’s open data. I hope it continues. Like I was saying, I downloaded some data on secondary schools and waste collection points in the state and not to bore you with too much talk (click) this is how I dealt with those data.

Some quick instructions: Zoom in and out to have a close up on the data, you can click on the various points for cool effects, you can make selection based on the info you want about the schools just below the map, and lastly if you choose to view the waste points, hover on the points and see what happens.
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Data Source:Edo State Open Data