Losing weight in a shortest possible time

Ok…I am not going to load you with tonnes of essay on how to loss weigh. If you need details just do a Google search.

Well I am sharing this based on my own personal experience and it took me roughly 6 months. Know this, we all have peculiar bodies so you need to know yours. Meaning there can be variations on how individual body respond. I was able to replicate this method over time and it worked for me. So let dive in.

I am a black male of Africa decent in my early thirties. No alcohol nor smoking. I easily gain weight when my body is relax, plus when my mind and brain is cool with little or no activities. When I started, I was weighing 82kg with protunding tummy and fat all over. I am a researcher and I am constantly doing a lot of brain work which I considered a big factor in this approach.

Step one..Eat once a day…yes once a day…and I repeat..once day. I must tell you it is going to be difficult as hell. Your body is going to fight you on this. So you must be ready. What happens afterwards…this is how you will know your body is responding to the diet change, the rate at which you go toilet will reduce. You go from 3 toilets per day to 2 to 1 toilet per day. If you notice this trend, good for you and it just the beginning. If you really follow this you should get to a point where you  go from a day to a week without going to the toilet. Now, to some of you…this is crazy..a week without going to the toilet? until you try you can’t know what your body is capable of. By this time you should have start noticing some drop in weight. Also make sure you make drinking  water your best pal.

Step two…Don’t be idle. Get some activities going. I recommend activities that get your brain working on a full capacity. These are my high energy capacity activator for the brain: thinking to solve a problem, lectures, research, writing for grants and articles. The only time your brain get to rest is when you sleep. You will need to find your own high brain energy activator. This is how it works for me. Better still get engrossed in activities that makes you skip meals.

That’s all 2 steps approach. Do share your experience if you managed to try this approach and it works (didn’t work) for you.

All the best and happy losing weight.

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