Unusual Colors of Urine – Explained

Sure, the color of our urine changes slightly all of the time because of a number of factors, like how much sweating you did versus the water you drank, but what about when pee turns a strange color that isn’t yellow?

Yellow is obviously the normal color, which comes from urochrome. Lots of different drugs or foods can cause the yellow to go different shades or become really bright. Other foods, like eating lots of carrots, and certain medications such as warfarin, a blood thinner, can create orange urine too. Red urine could be caused by blood, and that can indicate a problem. But beets can also make your pee turn red too.

There are a variety of other colors that can come from a weirder section of the color spectrum. A veritable rainbow of urine colors can be caused by the drug propofol, which is typically used for anesthesia, though green is the typical side effect in that case. A few cases of unusual colors like blue and violet urine can symptomatic of a health problem, as can urine that is not clear and may have a white appearance.

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